what do you do exactly?

You can buy hand-selected toiletries from Reath Box, and we will take the packaging back from one of our drop-off points. To make this easy, we are building a network of drop-off points in places people go regularly - offices, yoga studios and gyms.

We are dedicated to reducing single-use plastics, and decided to start with hand soap, because everyone has to wash their hands (hopefully!). We have added other bathroom basics and will keep expanding our range.

how can my office sign up?

You can order a Reath Box for free - this is the box where you put the packaging when you’re finished with the product.

is this suitable for my office?

These are the questions we usually get around suitability - feel free to contact us if you have further queries:

Is it free?

  • Yes, our Reath Box is completely free. We come and pick it up for free too.

  • All you pay for is the products you want from our collection. Shop here

What does a pop-up entail?

  • Our pop-up markets are completely free

  • We will come to your office at a time that suits - we usually ask that we stay a minimum of one hour and that we can pop-up over lunchtime, or another time with high traffic so as not to distract your employees

  • We bring products with us and use the opportunity to explain our returns system - we are very friendly and guarantee to bring some cheer and joy into your office!

What am I committing to?

  • We ask that everyone who orders a Reath Box explain what it is to their colleagues, to make sure that it is correctly used - you can do this in one of two ways:

    • Invite us in to do a pop-up, where we explain what we’re doing and sell our products (usually over lunch)

    • Ask us for materials (posters, leaflets, pre-written emails) and share these with your colleagues

  • We combine our orders and will deliver on a named day which we’ll let you know in advance (e.g. your Reath day will be Tuesday). We will also take away any bottles in the Reath Box, keeping it neat and tidy.

That’s it!

what products do you have?

We have two products at the moment

  • Hand wash - 300ml

  • Body wash - 300ml

We are bringing out an Organic range in 2020 and we will be brining on new partners in the next few months. We always welcome suggestions of new products that you’d like us to stock!

how do you reduce waste?

We believe that the most important shift we can make for sustainability of materials is away from single-use packaging

  • Our collect & return system means our containers have many happy lives

  • This means that you reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere, and you save water from the production of the bottle 

do you share impact reports?

  • We will send you one every 6 months, and let you know how much water, carbon and single-use plastic you are saving.

  • We can also tell you how much your company has saved all together.

  • Feel free to download and share the impact report as much as you like.

  • Contact us if you have any questions

how do you measure impact?

  • We measure impact very simply; for every Reath Box product you buy, we assume you would have bought that product in single-use packaging

  • We then calculate how many bottles you have saved from production and going to landfill, and calculate how much carbon and water that saves you

what are your business values and environmental credentials?

  • All of our products are Cruelty Free

  • We have a strict Never list

  • Our different product ranges are designed for different budgets, so please check each product range for detailed information about the No list in that range

  • Choice of materials - We have written a packaging manifesto to explain how we chose the material of our bottles. You can read the full manifesto in our Journal, or find the summary below:

    • We look at the overall carbon footprint of the material, not just what it’s made of

    • We back the concept of an oil-based plastic-free world, with only compostable plastics being on offer. However, we also want to work within the recycling infrastructure that the UK has (many bioplastics currently cannot be recycled or composted)

    • For this reason, we have selected a plastic that is made of 100% post-consumer recycled materials (not virgin plastic), and can be recycled in the existing infrastructure at the end of its life

    • As we sanitise and re-use all the bottles that come back to us, until they cannot be used anymore, the impact of the plastic bottle is tiny compared to single-use options.

how does your business contribute to the sustainable development goals?

  • We are most closely related to SD Goal 13 - take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts - by reducing the need for single-use packaging in this product category.

can you tell me a little more about your business?

  • We are an Edinburgh-based business and our registration number is SC627376

  • We are run by a dedicated team who have worked at big companies like O2 Telefonica and startups like LoveCrafts and Thread.